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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 11, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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our guests. please join us for all the nate nate -- days news and development. history is any indicator it ought to be quite a friday. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: acting fbi director andrew mccabe says comey still has the support of the rank-and-file contradicting white house claims. bret baier joins me on all the comey fallout and could new leadership at the fbi reopened the investigation investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail? in the report says it is possible plus a hollywood action theme. former green beret terry shepherd separates fact from fiction. grab some popcorn kick back and enjoy the show. it's a talking point parade and the ongoing comey carnage and the president led the hypocrisy charge by calling out democrats who had previously called for
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the director's gal. >> when i heard about it i found it hard to believe that comey y. thought had some degree of integrity would do this. >> he is making a mistake on this and he clearly has a double standard. >> to believe that jim comey should resign? >> of course, yes. kennedy: democrats are fascinating between russians and impeachment which means the conversation is being hijacked by high drama and we are losing focus where we clearly need changes in the fbi. james comey wasn't the only problematic heart of the bureau. he at all closely falling in love with his spurious images of beefcake spot man that's lost confidence after the hillary bungling and the issues that made made the bureau week year than a rusty colander. the place has been slightly usurp ring for go to surveillance where snooping have
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around while americans have fallen asleep in the will pay less all the fbi abilities are posted through the expansion of program called rule 41 that allows malware to be spread across the land as loosey-goosey judges give that easy warrants like a loon animals at a birthday party for the nsa was obviously edward snowden's revelation and we learned the fbi was doing the nsa is domestic dirty work by warrantless collecting e-mail address is and untold records for years under program said dovetailed with the prison scheme. now instead of granting blanket unchecked power to more domestic spying congress needs to use its time to reign in potential fbi overreach by deeply investigating all the ways power can be corrupted such as unmasking and leaking american citizens identity section 702 of the fisa act or the fbi needs a director that not only inspires confidence and loyalty of agents and operatives would also want
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to respect the ounce of the constitution and he won't minimize or make excuses for programs that target so many people they actually make us less safe. you are here in my arms and i'm glad for that. i am kennedy. i'll write more on the fbi surveillance powers a little later but earlier on capitol hill acting fbi director andrew mccabe was asked if his former bosses firing impacted the agency's russian investigation. >> there has been no effort to impede our investigation today. simply put sir you cannot stop the men and women of the fbi from doing the right thing, protecting the american people and doubleday constitution. kennedy: mccabe shot down claims that the fbi and the agents there had lost confidence in comey. meantime the ranking democrat on the intelligence committee
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dianne feinstein is calling for attorney general jeff sessions in his deputy rosenstein to recuse themselves from the appointment of a special counsel bret baier joins me "fox news" chief political anchor and host of special report. welcome back. what were some of the biggest takeaways from the mccabe testimony today particularly some contradictions with the white house? >> there was one question which was asked about the white house and sanders came out and said that the fbi rank-and-file agents have lost confidence in jim comey. the cave was asked about that and he said it brought support supports comey did in the fbi rank-and-file and he expressed his own support for comey and his career. asked about that at the white house sarah huckabee sanders said we just beg to differ. i have talked to many she said countless fbi agents who express concerns about comey.
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the news of today i think is the president telling leicester holds that he made the decision long ago and that he in fact asked the fbi director comey whether he was under investigation. once at a dinner where comey was making a case and two times on the phonecall. that is just interesting. it contradicts first of all the white house's initial story which is a rollout that clearly was bungled but it also gets to questions about whether he should have been asking that in the first place. kennedy: absolutely and if the fbi director should have engaged them in those conversations because that's what acting fbi director mccabe was saying today although he couldn't comment on the particulars of the conversations not being privy to them he could say that it was not standard procedure for an fbi director to comment
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on an investigation was someone who was at the center of that investigation. now you have two parties on capitol hill with very different talking points but you are hearing more rumbling from republicans that we need to get past the story and how do they intend to do that? >> i think they are going to continue to push forward with these investigations. there are few republicans that mostly they are against the special prosecutor i believe in large part because they believe committees in the fbi can handle it but also because we have seen special prosecutor start one way and end up someplace totally different. there is a lot of experience in washington with that. the other thing that was interesting about mccabe's testimony today was that he was asked repeatedly about the story that comey had asked for more resources for this investigation, the russian investigation he said he didn't believe that to be true and they have all the resources they need. that's a big operation, big
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investigation and it is being pursued and not held up in any way, shape or form by the white house or anybody else. kennedy: anything you hear about that was contrary to the talking points you have been giving his lap with a #fake news. >> i mean is just amazing. you have so many things lying around and every story is re-tweeted like this is gospel and suddenly hours later he did the actual principle saying well that's not the case. it's really quite something. kennedy: retractions like giving birth all over again but you get to go home with the baby. brett der thank you so much. appreciate it. a presence not happy with this communications team in and the way they have handled comey's dismissal. according to reports press secretary sean spicer could be on the hot seat after tuesday night's bizarre news conference outside the white house. sarah huckabee sanders has been conducting the wise -- white house press briefing since then.
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is the president seriously thinking about replacing spicer and as all this meant to be an distraction from the comey fallout. let me bring in my focus party panel contributor at the helen author of government gone wild kristin tate joined by handsome devil michael malice observer columnist and author of the reader the unauthorized biography of kim jong-il and of course tonight my very favorite "fox news" anchor julie banderas. welcome back to the show everybody. these are absolute crazy times and michael malice when i think of distraction and not seeing sean spicer's face every day in that must-see daily press conference in the briefing that he got, you have to think it's some sort of distraction. the next place i go is north korea. >> i think what's going on is
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trump just wants results even if it's not in the person's ability sean spicer is the laughingstock of saturday night live and trump is a laughingstock of all media studies were that happy to make sean spicer be the fall guy and let sarah huckabee sanders take his place. on the other hand usually they have their circles and they get more and more a bunker mentality for the people they trust. he started down to four loyalists. k.t. mcfarland gunship up to singapore so this does not bode well for the ability the white house to move legislation. kennedy: you talk about the president really valuing loyalty almost above all else and you sort of took issue with what he said. >> first of all she is not going to be taking shots. i believe it is a bit of a distraction and that's what the white house means right now but i do believe they are going to move sean spicer.
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yes snl has been having a field day with him but the bottom line is ratings and let's not forget the president really does love ratings in the rates sean spicer. kennedy: isn't there a softness that she has? >> she is fun to watch. i mean hello. kennedy: i don't recall in modern political history where people stop and gathered around tv sound watched daily white house press briefings. >> i think julie is absolutely right. sean spicer is so much fun to watch and i think people are too hard on him. being trump secretaries probably the hardest job in washington d.c.. not only does it have the media all against him but trump doesn't really make it easy. every day he's throwing out some on bass to comment but i thought sarah huckabee sanders did an amazing job. she wasn't taking anything from the media and i loved how she responded to their annoying questions with just no. kennedy: that's how you do it.
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i do think sean spicer is doable in earnest. james comey could be the next -- and open investigation to hillary clinton female. >> there were folks within our agency who were frustrated with the outcome of the hillary clinton case and some of those folks were very vocal about that , those concerns. intrepid catherine herridge reports of former fbi agent suggests anger a strong that the new leadership could revisit the clinton case and the immunity deals made during the original investigation. malice, are they going to reopen the hillary case? >> i've been predicting for months that trump said he is not persecuting hillary so once he's in the white house the trap is set.
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these petty and vindictive and has many other great qualities. i have no doubt -- this kennedy. kennedy: cabe said the next sentence is a lot of them are really upset with the way the hillary investigation was handled which is why comey is out of a job. >> it's interesting there's word that president trump had made the decision to get rid of comey months ago. as recently when he comes out and says there were hundreds of thousands of e-mails classified e-mails but huma abedin had forwarded to anthony's computer. ship lock -- plugged in herblock earring used his laptop and somehow the mascot that but there's a reason to investigate. kennedy: it's still a transfer of classified information. doesn't matter if you hit the forward button or if you had automatic backup, it's still a transfer. it's her responsibility and is
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still national security. >> i think trump's core base would love to see hillary clinton the rotting in prison but i think we are going to get an fbi to pursue this. trumps fbi director if he wants a vote for the senate to pass or they're only 46 democrats and senator will be up to the rhinos to decide people like john mccain in and muncy grandpa don't see them approving something like trey gowdy or giuliani. having said that i think at the end of the day most americans don't even want to hear hillary's name. they want to move on. middle america is interested in jobs. kennedy: let's take a vote all in favor of a hillary clinton investigation raise your hand. >> it's over. >> there should be justice in the world. i'm sure she would misuse power
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kennedy: it seems everyone in the country's freaking out about the fire to the director. i'm a little bit more concerned about the snooping in searching and sketchy methods the fbi and other intelligence agencies used to spy on innocent americans. i believe the fourth amendment and the right to be left alone are essential civil liberties and some people inside and outside of government think it's all right to practice things more important than our need for security. how do we strike that balance between our right and our safety? former cia officer and president of diligence and wealthy might take your joints may. welcome back. >> thank you very much and thank you also for avoiding hyperbole and describing all of this. kennedy: always. i like to be straightforward when it comes to you. >> judges handing out warrants
8:19 pm
like balloon animals at a birthday party. you are right in a sense. i do agree that you need a new fbi director who respect the constitution and civil liberties, of course. i agree 100% on that and i believe many checks and balances and on the system and i believe any surveillance system is susceptible to abuse. although the completely agree with but where we disagree is that i and not on board with the conspiracy concept of the antilla organization nsa and fbi targeting americans just because they have time on their hands. kennedy: i don't think they do have time in their hands and that's one of the problems that is another area where you and i might disagree. some of these programs are so
8:20 pm
broad and because of their broadness they are open to more corruption since there isn't a natural transparency. the problem is they go after so many people that we need targeted surveillance. we need to be keeping tabs on the really truly bad horrible people who want to kill us and take away our freedom and end our way of life. that's something that you and i can agree on. i think we have lost sight of that little bit. >> absolute and you are right. when the definitions of a program are set to broadly as you pointed out that's when the program becomes susceptible to abuse and interpretation and so how do you combat that? traditionally what we supposedly have done is create the checks and balances, the oversight committees and that's our first line of defense. the curious demanding that theoretically supposed to take place on capitol hill and the ability to count on a judicial
8:21 pm
system where you have a warrant for the process. part of this is misconceptions about what we mean by americans becoming targeted. the point of the exercise is if you have a foreigner overseas who you are targeting because they are involved in terrorism and the baltic cartel activity or ordered -- organized crime, human trafficking. kennedy: those are all bad things that the cia and the nsa don't have to prove the sum of these before committing crimes if there was even probable cause. they just have to imply that there's a likelihood. >> you have a suspect overseas and they reach back to make medications with america does there need to be a process where with the right argument you can say we need to understand why that suspect the person that we are following is contacting this person here on our turf. yes it needs to be a mechanism. kennedy: i agree with you there
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needs to be a better mechanism and these are the kinds of conversations we have going forward. what are the mechanisms? what are the checks and balances? what is congress doing to make sure that there is enough oversight so these bodies don't become too powerful and open themselves up to the implication of corruption instead of worrying about the histrionics where the comey debate has gotten so far. i'd much rather have a conversation with someone like you who has experience to have done this job so we can figure it out so we are safer and remain above all else free. >> inherently these programs to lend themselves to transparency, complete transparency. you cannot disclose methods in a variety of other issues and there's a reason why when you talk about national security counterterrorism whatever it may be. that also lends itself to
8:23 pm
suspicion. on the side of all those people who think any surveillance is bad so yes i agree with that these conversations are important at. an inquisitive aggressive inquiring group of people on capitol hill doing their job, that's important and again shining a light on this and making sure that the public is generally aware of what's going on is also important. look at the agreement we have. kennedy: freedom, a streak of liberty. >> is there a flag waving behind me? canby mike baker thank you so much. coming up congressional republicans continue to face backlash over their health care plans even as one of the country's biggest providers pulls out of the obamacare exchanges so what do we do now? jonah goldberg joins me to sort it out in moments. what if technology gave us the power to turn this
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8:28 pm
republican plan win enough support endured a brutal five hour-long town hall in his district last night. >> you have been the single greatest threat to my family and the entire world. you are the reason i stay up at night. >> you insist that i pay. that is immoral sir. >> you came for my wife. i will not forgive. i will not forget. kennedy: is he auditioning for the overacting olympics? aetna pulling out of obamacare announcing it will not offer policies in nebraska or delaware in 2018 following massive losses. last month they pulled out of iowa and virginia and limiting the health insurer from exchanges completely. jonah goldberg joins me senior editor the national review the fellow for the enterprise
8:29 pm
institute. welcome back to a look at these town halls and last week you wanted to be a passenger in a flight where where people warfighting's a good cell the viral video and this week you have to get to one of those town halls. that's exciting stuff. >> i particularly like the voice of the villain from a credible. kennedy: what you did to my wife >> i don't know if he's being entirely sincere but there's an incredible amount of theater and sanctimony and hyperbole. i'm not a big fan of john macarthur. i fought the way he and moderates played games in the health care fight was pretty dishonest to begin with but you have to give him props. he showed up at this thing. they screened to make sure these were his constituents and the state for five hours which is what a congressman should do with his constituents who don't like him.
8:30 pm
kennedy: maybe he gets points in voters minds next year when they decide whether or not to send him back to washington but health care is certainly ms because obamacare is on a fast-track to the death spiral. that is a foregone conclusion and there's so much uncertainty what's going to happen with the legislation once he gets to the senate and when ted cruz is the savior of our health care system i think that's cause for pause. >> look i mean you have to feel for the republicans. they haven't done anything yet. they rose garden victory ceremony was kind of. it still has to go to the senate and whatever goes to the senate goes back to the house of a spike the ball on a 25-yard line. the problem is i think it's unfair but the problem with obamacare, the controversies in the hassles of people who have lost their plans has been priced in and now the republicans have
8:31 pm
inherited a messed up situation and anything that they do even though a lot of it is basically putting a fresh coat of paint on a condemned building which is obamacare they are going to get the blame for any problem anybody has with health care. politically donald trump was right when he said the smart thing to do would be to let it glow and implode. kennedy: that's right because we either get single-payer or free market system. i officially vote for the latter. that's the only way we are going to get it. it's not what the republicans shellacking. they have tried to and they're not doing a very good job. jonah thank you for wonderful job and i appreciate your watch watch -- writing. thank you very much for being here. quinnipiac university has a new poll on donald trump's approval rating. the numbers don't look or a good at all. according to the polls 36% approve of the job he is doing. the president is losing support among his base of white voters
8:32 pm
without a college degree with a 36% appropriate as 10 points lower than what he got just a month ago. kristen tate michael malice and julie banderas. as far as i can tell you are a white voter with a college degree. you can speak for some of these people who support has waned. >> i think there's definitely something to this poll. i've been a vocal trump supporter this past year and i've been. disappointed with the president. i'm not going to lie. the budget was an insult to every single trump supporter. he didn't cut spending at all. there was no funding for the wall. he didn't cut funding for pbs or planned parenthood. it's never going to get the support of the meteor collected the only thing he has left is his base and if he does not follow through on his promises he will lose support and he won't get reelected. kennedy: this isn't a traditional base.
8:33 pm
these are people that were unhappy and they went to the one part of the theater that wasn't on fire. now they are smelling smoke and he has to do something. forget about parties and actually fulfill some of these campaign promises many of which i disagree with. >> for many of us fire is the goal. let me make another point. quinnipiac polls are by far the worst today predicted hillary in florida. she lost by five points. they are terrible and according to -- they are also ugly. kennedy: i have a fetish for odd-looking people. >> they put up these polls that generate a lot of press but i agree with kristen that if trump isn't going to play to his base like debbie mike had to is going to have nothing left of the market. kennedy: that's a pretty good team to have in the white house.
8:34 pm
so what is the threshold where is his own party starts talking about it, is talking to lefty friends of mine and they were saying it's 35% pay once you reach 35% approval rating republicans are going to turn. >> i want to be an adviser on his administration. not about policy but social media. i wanted to stay off twitter. i think his tweets have hurt him. adam health care vote. been successful at shooting it down warning and scaring the poor in the middle class in this country that they are going to die with his health care. you do not get deny deny coverage if you walk into an emergency room. i'm sorry jimmy kimmel but you do not have your child die. kennedy: kids are traditionally on their parents health care. >> and they are covered by the plan.
8:35 pm
the only rights is if you don't cover -- continue with the coverage and there's a gap in your covered such as continue with your coverage. if president trump could stay off of twitter and keep the negatives to himself and come out with something positive every once in a while. twitter is the least of his worries. but if he care so much about what the left thinks of him he is fueling the left. i'm not going to get that free mike unless i take a break. coming up how realistic are the sets in hollywood. we propose to the test when we return
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kennedy: welcome back. our hollywood action scenes is realistic as they look like the new show is called hollywood weapons and the puts your favorite tv and shows to the test. die hard, jaws and predators get broken down to see some of the most famous and action packed scenes and sons done in real life. former green beret series shepherd.
8:40 pm
soon it gets a hollywood family show. is we look at these movies and we see these iconic scenes and you were tasked with trying to re-create some of those like him myth busters but with real weapons. >> i was an active-duty green beret for nine years. i went to acting school so i was a broadway actor. i was doing well in the city when 9/11 happened today joined back up. i came back and forth. the just retired in october. kennedy: congratulations. >> thank you very much. i segued into this so when i retired i wasn't like now what am i going to do? kennedy: it's a harsh feeling. >> it's the worse. i was really blessed so i get to combine the idea. i love shooting and i'm not the best shooter out there, i'm okay
8:41 pm
and the acting thing. but the show initially was just going to be a testing show. i want to be john mcclain. canby look at some of these from hollywood weapons. he is one of the most famous scenes from the regional carnation of the "star trek" tv series. what did he do? >> of course he had been put on their two test humanity's ability to solve problems. that is me. these costumes, we got to work on a guy who built the exact set replica of the enterprise. kennedy: a real budget and there you are making gunpowder. >> right so we'd do it exactly like you saw on the show to see if it's doable. in this case we mixed what he
8:42 pm
did in the show to see if it works. if it does cool and if it doesn't. i can't complain. again i got to be on the bridge of the enterprise so it was a pretty good one. canby what about die hard? >> die hard, that was 87 or 88 when it came out. before just moonlighting with sybil shepard. by the way i never saw moonlighting. canby it was lovely. so much sexual tension. >> a lot of tension he was a bad boy. kennedy: let's watch a clip. this is the famous die-hard scene with john mcclain.
8:43 pm
i will say to my defense i did not take cut my feet like to push through. we use the same gun in the same amount of ground so i shot six rounds into that want to see if we could get through a sheet of laminated tempered glass. windshields in apartments and things like that. it works. they punched through. kennedy: let's take a look at predator and other famous scene from an iconic film. guns. >> all guns. kennedy: there you are. what is that apparatus? >> that apparatus is a mini-gun. there's nothing mini-about it. it's mounted on vehicles and helicopters.
8:44 pm
there he is right there on the left. kennedy: is it possible to shoot a handgun? >> now if you're flying that low because you are going to be an on your back. kennedy: you call that a kick. you call it recoil. kick back is what the hillbilly say. >> if you say kickback they say maybe that guy does a little bit about guns. there is kick but we tested it with real ammo to see the wood cut down tre good job. kennedy: how many people pierced? >> now and went to jail and no one got pregnant. kennedy: congratulations. come back anytime. come back and be part of the party. >> i think if i put a gun in your hand you would know what you are doing. kennedy: let's go tested out the hard way. great to see you. coming up you are not going to believe this but something happens in the state of florida.
8:45 pm
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kennedy: on this day 20 years ago the ibm supercomputer made history by defeating chess champion gary kasparov in a head-to-head match.
8:49 pm
he was close to winning when the computer distracted him with internet. this is the topical storm. checkmate. topic number one. if you like getting into fistfights but you can can't afford a commercial airline ticket allows me to suggest the california wedding scene. check this out. oh boy, yeah, no that's not jay-z after an elevator ride. this spilled over into the pardon. the bride and groom were having a vegan wedding. i don't even eat honey. i begin so they did everything a good american should do when someone forces their lifestyle on you. if you see someone touch someone and he did. with darted out as a 10 man brawl escalated into a 60 guests battle royal by the time the
8:50 pm
cops broke deputy only person left inside the hall was the maid of honor. she was still droning on and on within her insufferable speech. can it sister. if you wanted to hear a drunk woman rambles we would go to a nancy pelosi rally. topic number two. is america ready for a second president who has fought in wrestlemania? dwaye "the rock" johnson told "gq" magazine it's a real possibility he will run for president in 2020. of course the way things are going it's also real possibility there won't be a 2020 but that didn't stop him from speculating americans have never had a pro wrestler in the white house but during the bill clinton administration we did have
8:51 pm
several mud wrestlers when hillary was out of town. no disrespect. please wish your wife a happy mother's day from all of us. if you are still looking for a gift about me to suggest a bottle of hot sauce. either that or a blackberry. they are really fun to smash. that's my hammering blackberry impression. topic number three if was the rock does make the white house who will have to do without they supported the delphi men's lacrosse team. the panthers are such staunchly supportive of president trump that they are running on the field to audio clip his speeches. >> make america strong again. we will make america fair again. it's such a brilliant strategy
8:52 pm
because the minute the other college kids here are president trump speaking the retreat to a save space which allows a delphi to score at will. the panthers are in first place in their division and they have done so much winning the fans are sick of winning. the team's coach said the trump ritual is not meant to be a political statement in any way and it's purely coincidental that they built a wall around their goal. but you know what, it wins championships. just ask america's great football player floyd mayweather topic number four. have i been to a nancy pelosi rally? a zebra broke out of a florida woman's home. the end. no it's not. the thing was on the loose for several hours before was finally caught and in any other state the idea that a woman would have a zebra in her home might be preposterous but not the land of misfit toys we called the
8:53 pm
sunshine state. floridians heard the news and were like how long has she been married to it? the runaway zebra made its way through several yards before smashing into a ford f-150 on the highway. luckily the driver was okay but you've got to feel for the guy because he didn't have zebra coverage on this car insurance. all he had was regular florida policies like drunk driving and motorized wheelchairs. fire coverage from a meth lab but sadly no fleeing zoo animals police say the zebra was okay and didn't even remember it thanks to baldy -- and then he ate someone's face off. i'm just kidding. he wasn't drunk because he lives by the florida motto is may day somewhere. topic number five might he wrapped in a warm fuzzy plank and realizing the blanket is
8:54 pm
actually alive and a ravenous bear. this is fewer mail. quad glaser begins the downfall with like you either. crossfit isn't a sport. shut it. roxanne tweets you are such a jerk. you really think you are the smartest person. no, i know i am the smartest person and that's what makes me the smartest person. this week a lot of people have taken notice of my height like steve who asks i have a personal question. how tall are you? you appear to them much taller than many of your guests. rain dogs says i was watching last night kennedy. are you tall? well let me tell you i'm not that tall but to give you some perspective here's a picture of me with some nba players.
8:55 pm
that is clearly a joke. i'm really just 5 feet 9 inches and for scale here's a picture of me with tom cruise. hey little buddy. coming up sunday is mother's day you're welcome for the reminder fellows. stick around for a second. have a very special message from have a very special message from my mom and yours. life. stay right there. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo is specifically designed to open up airways to improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a
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kenny dan.
8:59 pm
kennedy: make your mama drink. for all the moms out there who inspire me constantly my friends and relatives and especially my own mom. she races in aloud and creative house. was always filled with art and the smell of stuffed cabbage in cupcakes and it's probably what i take most of my upbringing. problems are best solved over a plate of hot food baked with love. a parent always believes for me to do better especially when i was slacking in my mom gave me the sense that there was always more to the story than what you first see. with my daughters i encourage them to push their limits and find that they are capable of even if they don't see it at first and then when they struggle to talk about it over turkey meatloaf and sweet potatoes. my girls always ask if my food is as good as what my mom made for me growing up and i say no. it's good to have something wonderful to strive for that way you always have something wonderful to talk about over dinner. happy mother's day and thanks
9:00 pm
for watching the show tonight. kennedy fbn e-mail kennedy fbn at "fox business".com. look at all that. happy tuesday, thursday, friday, monday, sunday, wednesday siege. >> are you kidding? all of these? >> doesn't every new york city apartment have a soldier room? >> it's one of the biggest collections in the world. >> one man's army four decades in the making. >> when i first saw it, i was absolutely amazed. he had every soldier placed in their position. every general was placed in his position. >> but he doesn't want to leave his wife with all this. >> bob wanted to sell off the collection so carole wouldn't have to deal with it. >> what's an heir to do? turn to "strange inheritance." >> what did you think when you saw the episode about toy soldiers? >> i was knocked out. so, i reached out.


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